How do job seekers come to MEDWING?

Job-seeking professionals find MEDWING in three ways: 1. They are actively looking for us Our experience shows that candidates are well-informed about the shortage of healthcare professionals. They are also keen to try new approaches for finding jobs. Many nurses on the MEDWING platform have been actively looking for us. 2. Digital advertising MEDWING uses digital channels to reach and inform job seekers. We place advertisements in a variety of environments (websites, online magazines, social media). 3. Analog advertising We will run poster and radio advertising, and in the future, also TV advertising. MEDWING is represented at trade fairs, congresses and events in order to get into direct contact with specialists. Once the candidate lands on our homepage, we guide them through an automated process, where we ask about experience, aptitude and goals. Upon completing this, the candidate is registered on the MEDWING platform.

What distinguishes MEDWING from a traditional recruitment agency?