What distinguishes MEDWING from a traditional recruitment agency?

MEDWING is a digital careers platform for healthcare professionals, and we put the job seeker at the center of our actions. By doing so, we create a win-win situation for all parties: facilities save on staff costs because they are provided with suitable professionals in a timely manner; healthcare professionals are spared a frustrating and time-consuming search; and patients can be better cared for because we're effectively reducing the shortage of healthcare staff. For every candidate on MEDWING's platform, we employ three steps to ensure a stress-free and effective search: 1. We ask The personal conversation between the MEDWING counselor and the candidate is the foundation of our productive relationship. We want to understand the motivations of each candidate, so we can better find jobs that fit their preferences. 2. We match The healthcare job market is confusing and fragmented. MEDWING employs proprietary algoritms and industry expertise to appropriately match candidates and facilities. In this way, we reduce the costs of the facilities and bring prospective specialists to the right workplace faster. 3. We serve From the first interview to the contract signature, we accompany every candidate through the application process. We provide tips, remind them of appointments, and conduct interview prep to they will be their best selves when interacting with your facility.

How do job seekers come to MEDWING?

How does MEDWING ensure that a candidate is appropriate for my facility?