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You have completed a degree in the healthcare field abroad (e.g. as a nurse) and would like to work in Germany? Are you looking for a partner who will help you achieve the recognition, find an employer and support you? MEDWING will be happy to support you during the entire process from the German language training to the successful recognition in Germany.

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Why move to Germany?
Modern workplace & stable employment
German health facilities are usually very well-equipped, both technically and materially. In addition to a modern workplace, the employment is stable for skilled workers in Germany. The German healthcare market is growing steadily, as the number of people in need of care continues to rise. Moreover, the workplace is not dependent on seasonal fluctuations.
Salary & Social Benefits
The average salary of a nurse is €2,800/month (gross) and increases with professional experience. Employers offer bonuses and benefits in addition to the salary. Germany also offers a wide range of social benefits such as health insurance, pension funds and unemployment insurance.
Career Opportunities
German employers offer numerous opportunities for further training, specialisation and career development to healthcare staffers. Moreover, advanced training courses (certified by the state) are funded by the employer in Germany. Those who decide to work in the German healthcare sector are offered stable employment opportunities.
Family Friendliness & Naturalization
Subsequent family reunification is possible as well. Furthermore, Germany supports families with a child allowance and well established public education. In addition, the spouse can receive a work permit in Germany. Those who live legally and on permanent bases in Germany for eight years have the opportunity to obtain German citizenship - this is the case in only a few countries.
More Information
Further information can be found in this detailed brochure

Learn more about the healthcare landscape in Germany, i.e. the professional environment, tasks and work areas of nurses or professional associations.

Furthermore, you can find information on your rights and obligations as an employee in Germany.

In the section on the immigration process and integration support, you can find out which political, social, religious and cultural opportunities you can exercise or participate with in Germany.

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Medwing is a recognised “Fair Recruitment Healthcare Germany” Agency
Support from MEDWING
We will help you with each step and cover the costs incurred together with your future employer. Here you can find more information about what MEDWING can offer you
Job Search & Interview
We thoroughly consider your preferences and find the right employer for you out of >2,500 partners. In doing so, we consider the type of institution and in which specialty you want to work, your geographical preferences, and which employers are a good cultural fit for you. We inform you transparently about available job offers, answer all your questions about Germany and the process, and prepare you for the interview with the employer.
What we expect from you
Completed education in home country
You should have successfully completed a nursing education or training as a nurse (or in the respective profession) in your home country.
Language skills
Active participation and successful completion of a German course at B1 or B2 level (depending on the employer) are prerequisites for working in Germany. At the latest, when you reached B1 you should plan a lot of time for the language course (details will be discussed in the preliminary discussions).
Required documents
All documents required for the process must be submitted on time – for some documents we need your help! It would be great if you request all the documents on time – you can always contact us if you have any questions.
True motivation for the job and employer
If you accept a job and sign an employment contract, we ask you to make a conscious decision and plan to work for the employer in the long term. Even if there is no minimum term specified in the contract, this is a fairness we expect from you.
Your Contact Persons
Depending on your home country or -region, MEDWING has specialized contact persons who will support you and handle the whole process.
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Antonia v. L.
Latin America & EU
Marija P.-P.
Balkan Region
Leila K.
Central & Eastern Europe
Anderson S.
Requests for Recognition
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