One contract, one clinic. Simple.


Because we take the stress out of your job search.

Complete process taken care of

The whole package

Your career counsultant will take care of EVERYTHING for you, from CV creation to writing and submitting applications. You relax while we do the time consuming work! Best of all, it's totally free for you.
Tailored career advice

The best jobs

Your career counsultant is an expert on the healthcare job market. They are in contact with a huge network of institutions, and will find jobs that fit you perfectly (including non-published ones!).
Dream job interview

Prompt job interviews

If your career counsultant has found a suitable job, they will schedule an interview for you immediately. Before you go, your consultant will make sure you are properly prepared!

I needed to commute less for my private life. I worked with MEDWING, and now I have a job much closer to home. My counsultant is on my side, and I know I can reach out at any time.

Julie L. Registered Nurse
Registered nurse less commute

MEDWING Services

We stand behind you.


Personal Career Advisor

They’re always available for you - either by Whatsapp, Email, or phone. They organise all your appointments and support you during your entire search. They remain your personal advisor, even after you've found the job that you want.



Professional Application Coaching

If you wish, your career consultant optimises your CV and prepares you for the application and interview process. We save you time so you can focus on the important things in your life.

While I was taking exams, it was hard to focus on job hunting. MEDWING took the stress away, and got me interviews quickly, including with my current job.

John B. Registered Nurse - Geriatrics
Registered nurse geriatrics job hunt


You choose how much you want to work



MEDWING cooperates with the best facilities in Germany. We know when exciting jobs are available, even before they are advertised. We only suggest full-time jobs that exactly fit your preferences.



You value work-life balance? Then part-time is the right thing for you. We will listen to you and we will only offer Jobs that fit into your schedule

< 12h

Side job

Want to earn a little extra cash? MEDWING can help by finding you an extra 2 - 3 shifts per month. Improve your wages and help solve the shortage in healthcare!

Between websites, job boards, e-mails..., I'm overwhelmed by the number of job offers. With MEDWING, I had only one application! Their consultants listened, and found a job that’s perfect for me and saves me a lot of travel time.

Mary M. Registered Nurse
Registered nurse choose job


Total control in your pocket

Matching job

Find our selection of top jobs for you

In your MEDWING App, you'll find the selected jobs that perfectly fit to your life and wishes.

Track your job status in realtime

In the MEDWING App, you can check on your current application status and see what will happen next.

Job search status
Booking reminder

Easily find your interview

The MEDWING APP will remind you of your next job interview and give you directions to the appointment.