Work when you want to.


We make it all about you.

work-life balance nursing

You define your schedule

You tell us when you want to work (and as importantly, when you don't!). Through our cooperation with the largest institutions in the UK we can help realise your wishes.
More salary nurse

Earn more than you will in a Permanent job

Flexible working means more salary and a dynamic work experience. Here, you'll have the opportunity to earn a higher hourly wage while tackling a broader range of challenges.
Organize work life nurse

Easy organisation with the MEDWING app

The MEDWING app makes your life easier by eliminating admin work, such as manual time sheet submission and scheduling. We're continually developing it to make it even better for you.


You choose how much you want to work

40 hours


Want to work full-time in flexible employment? Then you'll be in high demand, and have the chance to grow yourself by experiencing different facilities.

12 - 36 hours

I want to work part-time

Is a good work-life balance important to you? Then flexible part-time work is just right for you. Work with MEDWING how, where and when you want.

< 12 hours

I want bank shifts only

Would you like to get to know a new work environment, step in as a shift saviour and earn yourself something? With just 2 to 3 bank shifts a month, you can help overcome bottlenecks.

Temporary employment with MEDWING works well for me! The job never gets boring, I can choose my shifts, and I earn more than a permanent job.

Nadia S. Registered Nurse
Nurse looking for challenge

As I have a child, I need to plan things such as school runs. MEDWING’s temporary work allows me to decide when I want to work. This lets me achieve the work-life balance I need!

Otto H. Registered Nurse
Nurse with child

I enjoy working in temporary employment with MEDWING, because I always face new challenges and constantly grow as a result. I can also schedule my work based on my own needs.

Bianca A. Care Manager
Challenging job nurse