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We are advisors to the most skilled employees across health care specializations

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Our Promise And Your Benefits

We guarantee high discretion and an efficient workflow


Introductions to qualified candidates with relevant experience and positive references.

Maximum Reach

Access candidates outside those currently reached by your job advertisements.


Get in touch with and attract candidates who meet your specific requirements.

How it Works

1. We Create And Manage Your Company Profile

Increase your attractiveness as an employer with a profile that features your strengths.

Our experts capture exactly what makes your company unique and help you communicate your employer brand.

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2. Specify Your Criteria

Inform us of your vacancies.

Define the requirements your candidates should fulfill.

Future employees may already be active members of our talent pool.

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3. Communicate Directly With Your Ideal Candidate

Meet ideal candidates without any risk or immediate commitment.

Reduce the time from initial contact to hire by up to 45%.

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We Cover The Range Of Services Across Health Care

Medical Personnel

Care Personnel

General Practice

Emergency Service

Pharmaceutical Personnel


Therapeutical Personnel

Other (By Request)

Contract Types

We understand your problems and provide you with tailored solutions that best match your needs.

Permanent Positions

  • Long-Term Placement
  • High Fit
  • Candidates With Or Without Responsibility For Staff

Employment On A Fee Basis

  • Short Term Staff To Fill Shortages
  • Flexible Employment
  • Access To Specialist Knowledge

Personnel Leasing

  • Flexible and Short-Term
  • No Fixed Costs And Low Risk
  • Low Administration Effort And Easy To Handle Invoicing