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Leveraging cutting-edge Smart Tech and backed by years of industry experience, we provide a transparent process that ensures swift, efficient, and tailored solutions for all stakeholders involved.

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We are Germany's premier digital job and personnel search platform, now extending our reach to the UK. As a leading temporary employment agency, we offer healthcare professionals in medicine and nursing a unified platform to discover precise job matches.

What your colleagues say about us

I used to commute along way to work. After working with MEDWING's career consultants, who are great listeners, I now have a job that's perfect and saves me a lot of commute time.
Anna D.
Registered Nurse
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Thanks to my switch to MEDWING, I finally have more time for my family, can quickly swap shifts in case of emergencies, and am generally in control of my time again. This is particularly valuable as the father of a three-year-old son!
Jan V.
Nursing assistant
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In my part-time job as a nurse, I can gain experience in areas that interest me but to which I have no access in my main job. This fulfills me and my working life!
Laura P.
Registered part-time nurse
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What MEDWING offers for nurses

MEDWING is your gateway to an enriched nursing career. We've streamlined the job search process with efficient digital solutions, ensuring you find opportunities that match your preferences. Our commitment to timely feedback and swift job placement means you won't be kept waiting, getting you into your next role in days, not weeks. Our team of experts provides tailored career advice to help you make informed decisions. MEDWING simplifies your job application process, taking the administrative burden off your shoulders, so you can focus on what you do best – nursing.

Best of all, our services come at no cost to you, making MEDWING the ideal partner for your nursing journey. Join us today to unlock a seamless path to a fulfilling nursing career.

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Your personal adviser will discuss jobs that match your preferences and give you valuable tips for your search.

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MEDWING for pharmacists

For pharmacists seeking new opportunities, MEDWING is the perfect partner. Our efficient digital processes simplify the job search & you'll benefit from career guidance, data security, personalized job matches, and effortless application management, all at no cost to you. Our broad partner network ensures a wide range of job options and competitive salaries for pharmacists.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get job offers with MEDWING?

The path to your first MEDWING job offer is straightforward: You sign up with MEDWING. After registering, a MEDWING career advisor will give you a call to understand what matters most to you in your job search. You'll only receive job offers that match your preferences. If you like a job offer, MEDWING will arrange an interview for you.

Which documents do I need to send to MEDWING?

MEDWING requires two documents from you: your professional certificate, which allows you to practice your profession, and your current resume. You don't need to revise your resume. If you prefer, your MEDWING career advisor can create a new resume with you. This service is, of course, free of charge.

Why does MEDWING call me after my registration?

We find the job that perfectly matches your life and your preferences. The personal conversation is the easiest way to discover your goals and what matters most to you in your new job. Additionally, the phone call allows you to get to know your personal advisor. Of course, you're welcome to ask them any questions – it's your job search!

Are my data secure with MEDWING?

You are at the center of MEDWING. We match qualified healthcare professionals, not data records. We only receive compensation from the facility once you've signed your employment contract there. That's why there's no reason for MEDWING to share your data with third parties. Before forwarding your resume to a facility, we seek your permission.